Help File

This file briefly discuses the use of the Search Facility.


1. Insert "aristo", without the quotes, into the first field and click "Search".

All entries with "aristo" in one of the fields mentioned above will be displayed.

The search string is not case-sensitive so any combination of upper and lower case characters may be used.

2. Now insert "81", without the quotes, into the second field and click "Search".

Now the output shows those records containing both "Aristo" and "81".

3. The "BUT NOT" search facility was provided to maintain compatibility with other
Search Engines I have created. The database we are using here is very small so that
this facility is hardly necessary. However, a somewhat artificial example is now given.

Insert "hemmi" in the first field and click "Search".

All" rules are displayed. Now put "25" in the FOURTH field. Now all Hemmi rules are displayed except those containing "25".

4. A "." may be used to select any character, Thus "hemmi 8.k" in the first field will have the expected effect.
Any number of "." may be used, each representing one character.

5. Care must be exercised when searching for scales. There is one space between every item in the search pattern and this must be provided in the search string.

Thus "A = B BI CI C" would be provided in the first field.

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Created by Rod Lovett