Archive of Collections

The Paul Tarantolo Collection

Paul J. Tarantolo Jr.

Paul is a retired ExxonMobil research geophysicist and executive and has been collecting slide rules since 2005. He is a member of the Oughtred Society and a contributor to the International Slide Rule Museum. Paul's primary specialty is collecting variants of every model of Keuffel & Esser slide rules. These variants are based on the match numbers documented by Michael O'Leary and further subdivided based on subtle changes in various slide rule attributes.

The primary objective of sharing this collection in the Archive of Collections is to document and share the many variants for use by other collectors and researchers. To this end, each variant is documented in chronological order with a description of how if varies from its predecessor.

Paul also specializes in collecting Otis King Calculators and his collection includes examples of many models, scale sets, and types. He also specializes in pocket calculators including Fowler's calculators, Mechanical Engineer's calculators, Halden's Calculex, Boucher's calculators, Lord's calculators, and K&E pocket calculators.

The collection also includes specimens of many types of Gilson slide rules, Lawrence slide rules, and Stanley Fuller's calculators. Also represented in the collection are antique sectors from many different early English instrument makers.

We are privileged to present HERE Paul's extensive collection of slide rules.