Stadia Match Output


Maker: Barr and Stroud Inclinometer Survey

Length: Cylinder

Gauge Marks:

Scales Front:

Scales Back:

Info: Taken from eBay March 2016
A rare and finely crafted precision instrument by Barr & Stroud Ltd. (UK) dated 1920.
The hand-held cylinder slide rule is stamped and dated "Barr & Stroud Ltd. Slide Rule For Inclinometer Type S.L.2. 1920 No. 58".
Founded by Archibald Barr and William Stroud, the company played a leading role in the development of modern optics such as range finding instruments for the British Royal Navy and other branches of the British Armed Forces.
Solidly built using various alloys such as copper, brass and aluminum with an oak handle, this vintage precision slide rule would have aided in determining slope or angle. The weight of this slide rule 975 grams or just over 2 pounds.