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Name and Model Number Russian Artillery Slide Rule
System Iorish
Country of Origin Soviet Union
Date of Manufacture 1939 (on the bottom well), serial number 18153
Front Scales Artillery scales and normal C/D scales
Back Scales S, S&T, T
Scale Length Variable lengths, length of the slide rule 24.5 cm
Type of Rule Slide Rule
Construction Celluloid on wood
Area of Use Military
Comment The slide rule was constructed by Yu. Iorish, who described it in the article "Iorish Yu: Artilleriiskaya logarifmicheskaya lineika, Artilleriiskii zhurnal, 1936, Nr. 2, p. 26-38". For example the length was determined so that the slide rule could be kept in the artillery officer's standardized map case. The original design was slightly different and can bee seen at page 8 of the article "Leipälä T.: Soviet Prometei slide rules 1931-1937, http://www.rechenschieber.org/BochumPrometeirevised2013.pdf. At the beginning the slide rule had only one cursor, but later it was equipped with two cursors. The wooden case has a spring at the bottom, so that the slide pops up when the lid is opened. When Prometejs society was shut down in 1937 and its assets were confiscated, the office equipment factory changed the name to SPAR and this slide rule has been produced there. The logo on the back of the rule shows the trust to which SPAR belonged.
Rarity RRR
Donor Collection of Timo Leipälä
Match Number 396
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