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Name and Model Number Keuffel & Esser 4110
Power Trig
Country of Origin USA
Date of Manufacture 1941
Front Scales P, F, A [ B, T, S, CI, C ] D
Back Scales none
Scale Length 13.125" (33.4 cm)
Type of Rule Slide Rule
Construction Celluloid on mahogany
Area of Use Generic
Comment Special issue slide rule.
C and D scales are two cycles and A & D scales are four cycles.
P scale is used to find powers of numbers greater than 1 and
F scale is used to find powers of fractions less than 1.
Serial No. 800008
Rarity RR
Donor Collection of Dr. Paul J. Tarantolo Jr.
Match Number 39
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In conjunction with our 'donors' we assign a rarity rating to each item, based on the system devised by Herman van Herwijnen
(1929 - 2004), renowned Dutch collector, author, and creator of Herman's Archive, a collection of 5,000 slide rule images on CD.
• RR = Rare - 1 of 25 collectors has one; it may take a year to find an example in the marketplace.
• RRR = Very Rare - only a few known to collectors; may be several years before it comes up for sale.
• RRRR = Extremely Rare - a museum piece; unlikely that an example will come up for sale.