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Name and Model Number Alvin Elite Vector
No. 1157
Country of Origin Japan
Date of Manufacture 1961
Front Scales Sr Sθ P' P [ Q CF CI C/LL1' ] D DF LL3 LL2
Back Scales Sh2 Sh1 A [ B K Th C ] D Tr1 Tr2 db
Scale Length 25 cm
Type of Rule Slide Rule
Construction Celluloid on bamboo with plastic cursor
Area of Use Electrical
Comment Ricoh 157 variant. Differences between the Alvin 1157 and standard Ricoh 157 include scale extensions on A, B, C, and D scales, a wider multi-hairline cursor, and it is 25 mm longer to accommodate the scale extensions.
Rarity RRR
Donor Photo courtesy of Jodie Hobson
Match Number 386
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In conjunction with our 'donors' we assign a rarity rating to each item, based on the system devised by Herman van Herwijnen
(1929 - 2004), renowned Dutch collector, author, and creator of Herman's Archive, a collection of 5,000 slide rule images on CD.
• RR = Rare - 1 of 25 collectors has one; it may take a year to find an example in the marketplace.
• RRR = Very Rare - only a few known to collectors; may be several years before it comes up for sale.
• RRRR = Extremely Rare - a museum piece; unlikely that an example will come up for sale.