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Name and Model Number Gunter Rule, Sliding
Country of Origin England
Date of Manufacture c. 1800
Front Scales Inch N [ N N ] SR Mer E*P
Back Scales M:Lon Cho Sin [ Sin Tan ] Tan Sin Tan
Scale Length 28 cm
Type of Rule Slide Rule
Construction Open frame, 30.5-cm long slide rule. Two sided boxwood with brass end posts, no adjustment, and no cursor. Cursor not needed.
Area of Use Other
Comment For navigation & mathematics. The N scales on this slide rule are equivalent to A & B scales. This sliding Gunter is divided on both sides with logarithmic and trigonometric scales, some of which were designed specifically for navigation at sea. The "Sliding Gunter" was designed to supersede the common "Gunter Rule", which required dividers to calculate. The scale arrangement has been attributed to John Robertson, c. 1770s. This Gunter rule can be used to multiply, divide, and for proportional and plane trigonometry calculations. Its principal use was for navigation. Given the "Course" and "Distance", the navigation scales on the sliding Gunter rule could be used to calculate the difference in "Latitude" and "Departure" from one point to another. Undated and unsigned, this example could date to c. 1800.

Rarity RRR
Donor Collection of Ed Chamberlain
Match Number 370
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