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Name and Model Number Lerebours Brass
17-cm Military Sector
Country of Origin England
Date of Manufacture c.1820-26
Front Scales Special sector and gunnery scales
Back Scales Special sector and gunnery scales
Scale Length Sector length 17-cm (34-cm unfolded)
Type of Rule Rule
Construction Brass; 2-equal length legs with hinge
Area of Use Military
Comment The "Sector" is a calculating instrument attributed to Galileo & others in the late 1500s. It is made up of two rules of equal length hinged together so that it lays flat and the inside long edges meet when the sector is closed. Some scales radiate from the hinge point, and others run parallel to the long edges. The Sector is used partially folded to proportionally size different shapes, making measurements from scales on one leg to matching scales on the other leg with a pair of dividers. This example also has gunnery scales for determining the weight (of cannon balls?) for different materials. The scales are not logarithmic. This example made by Lerebours in Paris, France, c.1790.
Rarity RRRR
Donor Collection of Ed Chamberlain
Match Number 181
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