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Name and Model Number Keuffel &Esser
Reymond Leather Calculator
Country of Origin USA
Date of Manufacture 1920s. Patented 1924.
Front Scales 5 special scales
Back Scales none
Scale Length about 50 cm
Type of Rule Rule
Construction Mahogany with celluloid scale surfaces; has 3 slides with metal pointers, but no cursor. Size: 51 cm x 19 cm. In mahogany box with hinged lid.
Area of Use Other
Comment Calculates the number of shoes for selected sizes that can be cut from a leather hide of given area.
The Reymond Leather calculator was made by K&E and sold by K&E and others. This example has K&E's mark.
It was a special order slide rule and did not appear in K&E's catalogs.

Rarity RR
Donor Collection of Ed Chamberlain, USA
Match Number 143
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