Help File

The Oughtred Society Newsletter was started by Ted Hume in 2012 and for the first three years appeared every month - a formidable undertaking.

Later it was edited by Ed Chamberlain and ran until September 2017.

The Oughtred Society Bulletin was started in 2007 and it was hoped it would be produced quarterly. It ran to five editions although not produced quarterly.

Five Oughtred Society members served as co-editors to produce The Bulletin. Gary Flom, Ted Hume, Ron Knapp, Steven Mays and Otto van Poelje. The production of the first issue was done by Ted Hume.

Neither the Newsletter nor the Bulletin have articles authored in the same way as the Oughtred Society's Journal or the United Kingdom Slide Rule Circle's Gazette so that the standard Search Format used by my other programs was not considered appropriate.

The text files used by the search facility were created from pdf files which were themselves created from the html files. Thus any character string appearing in the html files may be searched for.

In May 2020 A new initiative was started by Peter Hopp with his editorship of the UKSRC Newsletter.

These Newsletters have been incorporated into the current system and are searched together
with the OS Bulletins and Newsletters.

A full list of articles may be seen by using "." (without the quotes) as the search string.

This program displays the number of "hits" registered on the search for any string.