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The objective of this collection of slide rule records is to make available in one location lists of all the slide rules of rwelve major makers . . .

Keuffel & Esser (K&E)Faber-CastellSun HemmiPickettDietzgen
Dennert & Pape / AristoNestlerFrederick Post Co.GraphoplexLawrence/Engineering

This is a collection of three types of slide rule records: Archives, Cross References, and Lists from various sources on the internet.

Archive: A complete list with a large amount of data with photos for each slide rule.
Cross Reference: A complete list with a large amount of data for each slide rule but no photos.
List: A complete list with a limited amount of data for each rule.

Complete means the record contains all known rules of that maker, as obtained from makers' catalogs by diligent researchers.
When you select a record to view, in some instances you will be taken to the web site of the creator of the record; in other instances you will see the record on the Oughtred Society's web site server.

The researchers and creators of these records are:

• K&E Michael O'Leary, Clark McCoy
• Pickett Michael O'Leary
• Sun Hemmi Paul Ross
• Post Paul Ross, Ted Hume
• Dietzgen David Rutledge, Bruce Babcock
• Faber-Castell Members of the German slide rule collectors group Rechenschieber Sammler Treffen (RST) and Jorge Fabregas Zazza of Spain
• D&P/Aristo Members of the RST and Rod Lovett
• Nestler Members of the RST
• Graphoplex Daniel Toussaint
• Lawrence David Rance
• Blundell-Harling David Rance, Peter Soole, Herman van Herwijnen
• Dargue David Rance

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Created by Oughtred Society members Rod Lovett, Ted Hume, and Richard Davis.