Hyperbolic Match Output


Maker: RUYI(China)

Model:No. 1081


Scales Front: || sh0, sh1, K, A || B T1, T2 SRT S C || D, DI, Th ||

Scales Back: || ln-1 , ln0, ln1 , || CF , CIF, H0, H'0, CI, C || D, ln1, ln0, ln-1 ||

Gauge Marks: π is on A, B, C, D. π/4 on A and B, ρ'' and ρ' on C. √(40/π). Unknown mark at ~403.

Cursor Front: Has π/4 mark at the right over the A and B scales.

Cursor Back:

Construction: 25 cm.; Plastic; Cursor is not framed. Has fixed plastic end brackets.


Source: Daryl Tang Collection