Hyperbolic Match Output


Maker:POST (USA)

Model:Log Log Vector Model No. 1461


Scales Front: || L, K, A || B, CI, C || D, T, Gθ || Note: has Gudermannian hyperbolic scales.

Scales Back: || θ, Rθ P || Q, Q', C || LL3, LL2, LL1 ||

Gauge Marks: π , 2π , R, with marks C & C1, ' and ", are on front scales C and D; π, π/4, and M are on A and B scales; π is on CI. On back scales on far right of P is SIN, and on far right of Q is COS; e is on LL2 and LL3 ( See 41 - Similar to Hemmi 153)

Cursor Front:

Cursor Back:

Construction: 10 in.; Plastic face on laminated wood ; Cursor is framed. Adjustable metal brackets.

Date: 1932 - WWII

Source: ISRM

Information: ( See 41 - Similar to Hemmi 153).