Hyperbolic Match Output



Model: 8 - T McGann Variable Density Flow Computer (Magnesium Model)

Scales Front: || Pt/P, Tt/T, λ, M, J4, J3 || λ4, λ3, λ2, λ1, λ0 || J2, J0-1&M, λ, Tt/T, Pt/P ||

Scales Back: || LL1&LL1, LL2&LL2, DF/M || CF/M, Th, Sh&Sh, Ln, L, CI, C || D, LL3&LL3, LL4&LL4 ||

Gauge Marks: Gauge Marks on scales: π, π/4, and ανδ R are on C, D.

Cursor Front:

Cursor Back:

Construction: 12.5 cm.; White film over Aluminum, Cursor is not framed, Adjustable metal brackets.


Source: R.K.

Information: Slide Rule is printed in black ink with no color scales. Made for McGann Industries.