Hyperbolic Match Output


Maker:BLUNDELL (Great Britain)

Model:Log-Log Electro No. A506 ( Super Duplex)


Scales Front: || LL01, Ll02, LL03, DF || CF, CIF, CI, C || D, LL3, LL2, LL1||

Scales Back: || Sinh1, Sinh2, Tanh, A || B, T&T, ST, S&S || D, DI, K, L ||

Gauge Marks: π is on A, B, C, D, CF, DF, CI, DI, and CIF; The marks 9' and 9" are on front scales C and D.

Cursor Front:

Cursor Back: There is a HP(*) vertical line mark at right over A and B scales; There a π /4 vertical line on left over the A and B scales, and √4/π on the right over the C and D scales.

Construction: 25 cm.; Plastic; Cursor is not framed. Has fixed plastic end brackets.

Date: 1970 - 1980

Source: Tina Cordon's Collection