Hyperbolic Match Output


Maker:BLUNDELL (Great Britain)

Model:Multilog Vector Duplex No. JV 56 Vector Janus

Scales Front: || LL01, Ll02, LL03, DF || CF, CIF, CI, C || D, LL3, LL2, LL1 ||

Scales Back: || Sinh1, Sinh2, Tanh, A || B, T&T, ST, S&S || D, DI, K, L ||

Gauge Marks: π is on A, B, C, D, CF, DF, CI, DI, and CIF; The marks 9' and 9" are on front scales C and D.

Cursor Front:

Cursor Back: There is a HP(*) vertical line mark at right over A and B scales; There a π/4 vertical line on left over the A and B scales, and √4/π on the right over the C and D scales.


Date: 1957 - 1965

Source: PMH and Lov

Information: Do not have a picture or manual for this slide rule. Hopp shows same scales as below No. 506 (Academy Duplex). So these two slide rules may be almost the same. To check this need gauge marks and cursor lines information.