Hyperbolic Match Output



Model: 4 Deci - Log Log Vector Hyperbolic


Scales Front: || N1,1/N1, N2, 1/N2, DF/M || CF/M, Th, Sh, Sh, CI, C || D, N3, 1/N3, N4, 1/N4 ||

Scales Back: ||Three cube root scales 3 √, DF|| CF, T&T, ST, S&S, CI, C || D, DI, Two sqrt scales √ ||

Gauge Marks: π is on C, D. Also on CF and DF on the front scales; mark 1 ° is on ST.

Cursor Front:

Cursor Back:

Construction: 25 cm.; White plastic film over Magnesium alloy, Cursor is not framed, Adjustable metal brackets.

Date: 1947

Source: ISRM

Information: Variation of 76.