Hyperbolic Match Output


Maker:LAFAYETTE (USA / JAPAN San - AI Group)

Model:VECTORLOG No. F - 686


Scales Front: || Tr1, Tr2, P', P || Q, ST, Sr, S°, C || D, LLo3 LLo2, Llo1 || Note: LL1' is at end of C; Sr is radians; S° is in degrees.

Scales Back: || Sh1, Sh2, DF, A || B, CF, Th, CI, C || D, LL3, LL2, db || Note: db is 20 lg x

Gauge Marks: π is on C, D, CF,and DF; C is on Cand D; (Variations exist with π and M on A & B; and C1 and ρo on C&D)

Cursor Front:

Cursor Back:

Construction: 25 cm.; Plastic face on laminated wood ; Cursor is not framed. Adjustable metal brackets.


Source: ISRM