Hyperbolic Match Output



Model:KeLon (This 10 in. Rule was designed, but not produced)

Scales Front: || Ln-3, Ln-2, Ln-1, Ln-0, DF || CF, CIF, L, CI, C || D, Ln0, Ln1, Ln2, Ln3

Scales Back: || Constants, Sh1, Sh2, Th, A || B, T1&T1, SRT, SI2&SI2, C || D, DI, K, Sq1, Sq2 ||

Gauge Marks:

Cursor Front:

Cursor Back:



Source: Maskin

Information: Discussed at K&E for including on the KELON were more gauge marks, a magnifying lens built into the cursor, greater use of color on the scales, and using a folded scale at sqrt 10. ( Information furnished by Joe Maksin from June 1999 article by Wayne Feeley ). (Picture later from Wayne Feeley).