Hyperbolic Match Output



Model:Log Log Vector No. 4093-3


Scales Front: || L, LL0, DF || CF, B, CI, C || D, LL3, LL2|| Note: This is the first slide rule sold with hyperbolic scales.

Scales Back: || Sh1, Sh2, Th || SI1&SI1, SI2&SI2, TI&TI || D, S, T || See C.M. - K&E Catalogs site

Gauge Marks: π is on B, CF, and DF; π/4 is on B; marks ' and ", and R are on scales C and D.

Curosr Front:

Cursor Back:

Construction: 10 in.; Plastic face on wood ; early Cursor was not framed; later was framed. Adjustable metal brackets.

Date: 1929-1935 & 1936-1938

Source: SPHERE

Information: Three variations of logo exist. The error in the designation of the LL0 scale was corrected when the new framed cursor was added. It was then changed from "e" to "e-1". A VIRTUAL K&E 4093 has been put on the Internet by Mark Armbrust. (See C.M. - K&E Catalogs site).