Hyperbolic Match Output


Maker:FLYING FISH (China)

Model:No. 1018 Electricians slide rule ( See Shanghai China No. 1018)


Scales Front: || Θ°, RΘ, P', P || Q, QI, L, I || J, J', T, GΘ || This has Gudermannian scales., and is not folded.

Scales Back: || lnI-1, lnI0, lnI1, K1, A1 || B1, tgoctgo,sinocoso, C || D, DI, ln, ln0, ln-1 ||

Gauge Marks: π is on A1, B1, C, and D; π/4 is on A1 and B1; 1° and R are on scales C and D; 1/R is on B1

Cursor Front:

Cursor Back: π/4 on left and HP(**) on right over the A & B scales.

Construction: 25 cm.; Plastic; Cursor is not framed. Has fixed plastic end brackets.


Source: ISRM

Information: Variation has no number, but scales are the same. Cursor has FF Logo.