Hyperbolic Match Output


Maker:XUESH (China)

Model:6171 bachelor


Scales Front: || Sh1, Sh2, K, A || B sin&cos, H1 tg1&ctg1, tg2&ctg2, C || D, DI, lg, th ||

Scales Back: || lgln1I, lgln2I, lgln3I, DF || CF, CIF, H1, H2, CI, C || D, lgln3, lgln2, lgln1|| CF is folded at √10

Gauge Marks: π on A, B, C and D. c and ρ on C and D. π/4 on A and B.

Cursor Front: HP mark.

Cursor Back:

ConstructionA Adjustable metal end braces. Cursor not framed.



Information: Daryl Tang Collection