Details on Hemmi slide rules are listed in Paul Ross's article, A Comprehensive Hemmi Slide Rule Catalog, in JOS, Vol 12, No1, Spring 2003. I added a number of slide rules to my listing from his article. After World War II the Hemmi slide rule models that were produced were inscribed with the words, "Made In Occupied Japan". Also, some sold in the Phillipines had the word "ODELCO" inscribed on them. I checked a few rules that were inscribed with these extra labels against those that were not inscribed, and I could find no differences to report between the details on the same Hemmi model numbers. Information on the POST slide rules, that were made by Hemmi, was taken from the tables in the article by Paul Ross and Ted Hume, Slide Rules of the Frederick Post Company, in JOS, Vol 9, No 2, Fall 2000. Warren Salomon's article, Hemmi's 50-Centimeter Slide Rules, in JOS, Vol 14, No1, 2005 was referred to and used to cross check and update the listing entries on these 50 centimeter rules.