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DateScale LengthArea of Use
UTO /Gert-Schutz-Marine-Navigation
25 cm

Notes: "Here is a navigation computer for boats. This is the functional equivalent of an E-6B for aircraft, solving for drift due to wind and currents on one side, and having a time-speed-distance slide rule on the other side. The obvious way to make one of these would be to take the well-established E-6B pattern and adapt it for the slower speeds of boats, which is what Aristo did with the model 661 Naviat. UTO, or rather Gert Schultz (Institute of Hydrology, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany), seems to have started with a blank slate. Rather than have a circular slide rule on one side, he uses the back side of the wind/current slide as the slide of a linear slide rule. Itís a very clever design."

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