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TypeModel No.MakerCountryConstruction
DateScale LengthArea of Use
Nestler / 14
Celluloid over wood
25 cm
General Calculations

Notes: "The Nestler No. 14 is a straightforward 25 cm Mannheim slide rule, with scales A, B, C, and D on the front, and S, L, and T on the back of the slide. The celluloid laminate on the body is anchored by German silver screws, as per Nestlerís patent, but the celluloid on the slide is not. Both rulers on this slide rule are in centimeters, indicating it was probably a European-market model. This particular slide rule dates from 1908-1911, based on the use of the ďAlbert Nestler Lahr i/BĒ brand marking in the well."

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