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Slide Adder
Six Classy Slide Adders
USA and Germany
Adding and Subtracting

Notes: "“Classy slide adders?” I hear you say. Yes. All metal, no plastic. These adders were built to be used, not to be novelties or toys. The Tarema is a German slide adder seldom seen in the USA. Tarema is short for “TAschen REchen MAschine” (Pocket Calculating Machine). The Sumat 6 is by Addimult, a spinoff/competitor of Addiator. The Addiator Universal and Arithma are essentially identical with different markings, probably for marketing reasons. The “Tasco Arithmometer” (it isn’t an arithmometer in the sense we use that word now) and the Midget Adding Machine are both fairly common in the USA, but meet my all-metal/designed to be used criteria for inclusion. "

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