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DateScale LengthArea of Use
Arc Lamp
Duboscq Arc Lamp
Jules Duboscq
Approx. 1879
Very bright electric light

Notes: "Louis Jules Duboscq (1817 - 1886) was apprenticed to the French instrument maker Jean-Baptist Soleil (1778 - 1878). Soleil was famous for the quality of his optical instruments, and when he retired, he turned his workshop over to his now son-in-law, Duboscq, who continued the tradition of fine craftsmanship. Duboscq's nearly 40-year career coincided with the golden age of French scientific instrument making, and he became famous around the world. His instruments were in high demand by the leading scientists of the day. While Duboscq may or may not have invented stereo photography, it was his exhibition of stereo photos and viewers at the 1851 World's Fair in London, that enthralled Queen Victoria and started the stereo photography craze of the late 19th century. In 1849 Duboscq first proposed an automatic arc lamp regulator with fixed arc, i.e., an arc lamp with an automatic, clockwork feed for the carbon rods. For this arc lamp, Duboscq was awarded a gold medal in 1857 from the Societe d'Encouragement de l'Industrie nationale. Duboscq continually improved the arc lamp, working with Leon Foucault, who had invented the original arc lamp. This lamp would produce continuous electric light more than 20 years before Edison's light bulb. This example is serial number 504, which dates it to approximately 1879."

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