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Slot Machine
"Mills ""Vest Pocket"" Slot Machine"
Heavy metal

Notes: "This toaster-size box, is the Mills ""Vest Pocket"" slot machine. It was intended to be placed on a store countertop, and quickly concealed when the cops came around. It is operated solely by the coin slot: put your nickel in the slot, push the slide in, pull the slide back out and the three wheels - visible through the window on the top of the box - started spinning. The machine is very quiet, the result of using a heavy, cast metal outer casing. The Vest Pocket was patented in 1933 and first produced in 1939. It sold very well, right up until the Johnson Act of 1951 all but put an end to casual ownership of slot machines. Three publications are included: The Coin Slot Guide to the Mills Vest Pocket, a reprint of the original instructions and part numbers booklet, and Bob Otnes' personal copy of the July 1978 issue of Loose Change magazine, with the cover story being the Mills Vest Pocket."

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