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Balance Scale
Balance Scale
General weighing of small items

Notes: "This small balance scale is entirely made of iron, except for the pans which are made of brass. The strings attaching the pans appear to be cotton. Four of the included brass weights (the round ones) are marked in drams: D2, D4, D8, and D16. They are avoirdupois drams (16 drams/ounce), not apothecary drams (8 drams/ounce). The weight that appears to have been made from sheet metal does not appear to be original to the scale or the other weights. The balance is quite small; the overall length of the beam is only 5.875 inches (150 mm). There is no makerís name, but there is obvious craftsmanship. The velvet-lined box may or may not be original; it fits the scale perfectly but there are no fitted recesses for the weights, and it looks a little too fancy to go along with this scale. "

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