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Wang / C-87 Calculator
Surveying functions

Notes: "The C-series were the last desktop calculators built by Wang. They were modeled on the previous 400 series, but without programmability to reduce cost. They had all the latest technology 1972 could offer: MOS memory chips, medium-scale TTL logic, and a Burroughs Panaplex display. The C-series came in a variety of models which were differentiated entirely in software; their hardware was identical. The models were C-50 Scientist, C-52 Advanced Scientist, C-62 Statistician, C-72 Algebraic (scientific), C-85 General Purpose (4-function), C-86 Trader (bond trading), and this one, the C-87 Surveyor. After the C-series, Wang got out of the calculator business altogether and concentrated on word processing, where they were even more successful. "

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