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Wang / 360 Calculator
Plastic + Metal Rack
Full function scientific calculator

Notes: "The Wang model 360 electronic calculator was introduced in 1968, and was a sensation. It could do the four arithmetic functions as well as squares and square roots, base e logs and exponents, and had four storage registers. The nixie tube display was bright and easy to read. Wang desktop calculators were unique in that they used logarithms to perform their calculations, an invention of Dr. Wang himself. This reduced the circuitry enough, compared to other circuit designs of the time, to enable this calculator. The large box with the “electronics package” is a model 360E, which means that it supports only 1 keyboard/display unit. There was also a 360SE that supported 4 keyboard/displays. The 360K keyboard/display unit with this Wang connects to the electronics package with a large connector reminiscent of the Centronics parallel port familiar to long-time PC users. This one cord provides both power and data to the keyboard. There is a second, smaller cord coming out of this keyboard, with a smaller version of the same connector, which may have been used to connect a second keyboard, for training. Only one keyboard could be used at a time. This Wang 360 was shipped on Jun 28, 1969."

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