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Heathkit / OC-1401 Flight Computer Calculator
Scientific & Navigation calculator

Notes: "This is a very early electronic calculator for pilots. The calculator has no battery, it operates using one of THREE power supplies it comes with, one built into the case, one a typical “wall wart” style, and a third that will plug into a 12V cigarette lighter socket. It has an 8-page quick reference chart. This is a very busy calculator, with all of the buttons being at least 2-function, and the majority being 3-function. It has all the functions of a basic scientific calculator in addition to the aircraft navigation functions. It appears to run a self-test every time it is turned on, displaying the model name, which then scrolls off the screen to the right. Dismantling this Navigation Computer reveals the complexity of the product. Three mask-programmed 8-bit single-chip microcomputers manufactured by MOSTEK (MK3870-MK14103 to 14105) and three other IC's (Fairchild F3539, National Semiconductors DS8664 and DS8667 display drivers) on a huge printed circuit board. "

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